Clipping Path

In the present world, the demand for clipping path services is very high within the photo industries. Professionals like digital photographers, graphic design and website design houses, advertising agencies, catalogue companies and many more give shape to our main clientele. Because it is quite expensive to hire DTP professionals in Europe or America,Color path media has found the solution: outsourcing this kind of service for businesses and individuals all around the world. By outsourcing your clipping path services, you could save your time, money and an extra headache. At Clipping Color path media, we are helping worldwide companies by providing them with background drop out, photo editing, retouching, image manipulation and many more services. Our goal is to keep the best prices available with a matching outstanding service.

Here are Our sample work :

In general, clipping path is an outline created using the pen tool in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

There are several different reasons why the clipping path is favoured nowadays in the photo industries to remove the background from an image

Over 3and a half years we are on this sector. We have a very skillful people and we think about our clients. So you don't have any tension about your image or about your time shedule. Our 24/7 hrs service center is open for you. For your any king of query.

We offer a 2 hour delivery options for our clipping path service.Which is obviously in the best quality. Our 24/7 chat support staff are always available to help you if you need any assistance.
  • Photographers
  • Graphics Design house
  • Web Design house
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Product Catelouge Compannies
  • Magazines
  • Publishers
  • Drop Shadows
  • Reflactions
  • Invisible Man Effect
  • Simple retouch
  • Color Correction